Hemp Cultivation

  • Highly successful cultivation experience gained on 100 acres in 2018
  • Up to 5,000 acres allocated to the company for future cultivation
  • Location has ideal growing conditions, no watering needed for test crop
  • Direct local and national political support
  • Quickly developing infrastructure

Co-op Farming Program

  • Clone purchase and financing support for farmers
  • Multi-year cultivation commitments
  • Favorable tolling agreements using internal extraction
  • End to end highly profitable venture with risk mitigation

Sponsorship Farming Program

  • Provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest into cultivation, wholesale CBD production and retail brand development



Kentucky Operation

  • Next generation extraction technology
  • Direct biomass to distillate & isolate process
  • 5x Increase in throughput at 20% the cost
  • Rewrites the hemp extraction cost equation
  • Strategic decision to bypass patent process and treat as trade secret