Hemp Cultivation

Our cultivation efforts are focused on the research and development and advancement of planting, drying and harvesting techniques. We have found the location of our 5,000 available acres ideal for hemp cultivation. Madisonville, Kentucky, where we are headquartered, is ideal for hemp cultivation. The area has an abundance of hemp business support infrastructure, in addition to strong local governmental and political support. These factors have made the Hopkins Country area an ideal place for our invested capital.

In the 2018 growing season we successfully cultivated a 100-acre test crop, which was planted, harvested and curing internally. During 2018, we experience almost ideal growing conditions – almost to perfect amount of precipitation, relatively low wind conditions and absence of any major storms. This enabled us to harvest a crop with high yields of cannabidiol. In conjunction with local partners, our biomass was processed into CBD isolate and marketed through our distribution channels.

For the 2019 season, we have continued our research-oriented cultivation efforts, while working to develop state of the art planting, harvesting and drying technologies. We have located our cultivation effort on the same Hopkins County land.

Co-op Farming Program

At Hempistry, we are excited about co-op farming. Our research and development program has enabled us to master many of the difficult cultivation techniques that are unique to hemp.

We look forward to sharing not only our cultivation and processing knowledge with the local community, but also our available capital to assist farms launch hemp cultivation operations.

We offer:

  • Clone purchase and financing support for farmers
  • Multi-year cultivation commitments
  • Favorable tolling agreements using internal extraction
  • End to end highly profitable venture with risk mitigation



In conjunction with our sister company, East West Biopharma, we are in process of building one of the largest capacity extraction facilities in the State of Kentucky. Based on next generation technologies, our facility will re-write the processing and extraction equation in the local areas.

With a significant amount of allocated capital, we are well under way. We would be interested in your inquiries on partner in order to achieve mutual success relative to both partnering relative to biomass acquisition or distribution of finished goods.

We plan to offer Kentucky hemp cultivators:

  • Biomass drying and storage capabilities at our facilities
  • Next generation extraction capabilities that will lower processing cost to unprecedented levels
  • Direct biomass to distillate & isolate process, based on new technologies
  • Tolling and extraction partnership agreements
  • State of the art testing of both biomass and finished products
  • New tolling agreement methodologies to ensure cultivators gain maximum revenue potential for their biomass or finished products